How A DUI Works

Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs has continued to be a leading cause of fatal auto crashes in the US and elsewhere in the world. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost as a result of such crimes. Many people have been badly injured as a result of the same offense. The Denver Police Department always cracking down on DUI offenders. However, law enforcement agents don’t just arrest offenders at will. There are specific procedures usually engaged before a valid arrest is made.
Have you been pulled more over on a DUI charge? Actually, a law enforcement officer has the right to suspect a drunken driver. Yet, he still has to follow some procedures to confirm the suspicion. There are possible situations that may force the officer to initiate an arrest for a suspected DUI offender.

• If there has been a fatal road accident, the law enforcement agent can rush to the scene and start an investigation. He may end up with real proofs of DUI offense if the driver’s condition indicates he or she is drunk.

• A law enforcement officer can also initiate a DUI arrest if the drunken driver is spotted at a roadblock or sobriety checkpoint. In such cases, there must be a clear evidence of alcohol or drug intoxication on the part of the driver.

• An arrest for DUI offense can also be initiated if a law enforcement agent has received a report from anonymous citizen concerning a suspected reckless driver who may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, before any arrest is made, the law enforcement agent has to verify the report by checking on the suspected driver.

• A Colorado law enforcement officer on routine patrol can also initiate a DUI arrest if he discovers a vehicle that is being driven recklessly. He can stop the driver for possible investigation.

The above situations are likely to lead to a possible DUI arrest when there are clear evidences of alcohol or drug intoxication on the part of the driver. The law enforcement agent makes sure the driver is actually intoxicated before any arrest can be initiated. To verify this, the driver may be asked to step out of the car. He or she will then be watched closely. The law enforcement agent can ask several questions to the driver in order to confirm whether he or she is actually intoxicated or not. If there are clear evidences of DUI offense, the driver will be arrested. Possible prosecution will also follow afterwards.

In any case, the prosecuted driver can still use the services of an experienced Denver DUI Attorney to secure a fair hearing when the case is called up in the law court.