If you have been charged with a drinking related offense in Denver County you need to take proactive steps as soon as possible. Without effective legal representation you could lose your license, livelihood and your freedom so this is something you need to take very seriously. What you need to do is hire the most experienced Denver DUI attorney possible to take on your case and assert your rights, if you are hoping a court appointed attorney will help you retain your freedom you are in for some serious disappointment! These Denver District Court appointed attorneys try their best but unfortunately their best simply won’t cut it, you need our DUI legal service if you want to maximize your chances of success.

Whether you have been convicted of DUI in the past or this is your first time being charged you really need an experienced Denver DUI attorney which is what we bring to the table. We have a tremendous amount of experience and success; yes success! When it comes to legal matters all you care about is results and you will be happy to know that is precisely what we deliver; results. Below are some of the areas of Colorado criminal law we specialize in so if any or all of them apply to you it is time to pick up the telephone and call us now while we have time. We are going to treat you like a person and not just another docket number. By providing expert, personalized legal support you can sleep easy at night knowing you are getting the best possible Denver legal representation. Don’t let the wheels of justice trample your rights take action now and call us. Our Denver DUI lawyers are here to serve you.

DUI with injury
Multiple DUI
Felony DUI
Hit and Run
Vehicular Manslaughter
DUI & Drugs
Underage DUI
Military DUI
DUI with Child Endangerment
DUI Penalties
Out of State DUI
DUI Expungement

If you or a family member has been charged with a Colorado felony or misdemeanor, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands DUI law and knows the criminal justice system. George Pablo & Associates are highly skilled Denver criminal defense attorneys and his team of experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys obtain the best possible outcomes for clients by thoroughly investigating criminal cases and then effectively negotiating with police and prosecutors. Keep in mind that if anyone was injured because of a DUI, a personal injury attorney may become involved, as well.

The firm’s lawyers focus exclusively on criminal defense. We listen to our clients and are dedicated to protecting their rights. We vigorously advocate for our clients. Our defense team takes each and every case seriously. We are dedicated to providing you with the best and most competent DUI representation because your future and your freedom are at stake.

Denver criminal DUI lawyer George Pablo & Associates provides aggressive representation for individuals charged with committing crimes throughout Colorado. Our Denver Lawyers have extensive experience handling all felonies and misdemeanors.